McGaugh STEAM Fair April 7, 2020


It's time to sign up for the annual McGaugh STEAM Fair!!! Due to LAEF's generous donation, we are able to host a McGaugh STEAM Fair  (Tuesday April 7th) and a District STEAM Showcase (Sat. April 25th). LAEF offers a FREE after school class for all 2nd-5th grade students to help support their STEAM Fair projects. Classes start Tuesday March 10th from 2:20-3:30 and run for four weeks leading up to the STEAM Fair.

LAEF STEAM Fair invites all 2-5 students to participate! Students are invited to submit entries in the following categories: 

To register for the STEAM project preparation and/or STEAM Fair or if your child can't make the class OR is in TK-1st, you're still welcome to participate by creating the project at home...follow the link, Sign up! Classes and STEAM fair sponsored by LAEF. 

For further questions, please contact May Samari,