School Jester Book Dedication

The "Friends of McGaugh Media Center" program is a special way to honor someone on a birthday, a holiday, for a special achievement such as an award, promotion or just for fun!

The McGaugh Media Center has added over 2000 new books through dedicated book donations.  To donate a book to your special someone, complete the Book Jester and provided your $25 payment online.

The book will be read aloud by one of the McGaugh's Book Jesters to honor the recipient.  A bookplate with a special message will be placed inside the book, and a thank you card will be presented at the time of the dedication.  The dedicated book can be enjoyed at home for one week and then is returned to remain in the Media Center.  A selection of books are available to choose from in the parent resource room in the Media Center.

IMPORTANT:  Please allow at least 2-weeks for Processing.  The target dedication date cannot be guaranteed!  The dedication will take place as close to the target date as possible based on classroom teacher's time restrains and Jester volunteer availability. 

Picture of School Jesters


"Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of McGaugh, the court Jesters were called upon to entertain the royal children with the gift of storytelling……….”

Do you enjoy reading a good book to your kids?

Are you available during school hours for 20 minutes a time, a few times a month?

Do you love wearing a costume and making kids smile?

If you would like to become a Jester please contact Lisa Prins, Jester Coordinator at


McGaugh's Wonderful Jesters

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