MIND ST Math - Jiji

Who is JiJi?

JiJi is a 3-foot-tall penguin on a journey through the world of ST Math. Students help JiJi overcome obstacles by solving math puzzles – and they associate JiJi with the thrill of challenge and success. JiJi crosses the screen every time a student successfully completes a puzzle, leading them to the next challenge. JiJi is curious, persistent, patient, and friendly.

What is ST Math?

ST Math is a visual instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving to engage, motivate and challenge PreK-8 students toward higher achievement.

How to Get Started with ST Math from Home?

With ST Math, students play computer games designed to teach math. They can play the games at home on devices with internet access. We encourage you to have your child play the games to review and practice the math skills learned in ST Math. Your child’s teacher may assign ST Math games for homework. Please make sure only the child with the ST Math account plays the games. Your child will access the program just as he or she does at school. In ST Math, the game puzzles start off simple and then get more challenging as the student progresses. When they reach a challenging problem, your child should attempt the problem and use the visual feedback provided to help them figure out why their answer did or did not work. The feedback provided with each puzzle will help students figure out how to solve the problems. If your child is struggling, help them by asking them questions about what they see happening on the screen. You should not give your child the correct answer to get them past the game with which they are struggling. The goal of ST Math is to promote problem solving.

Already setup at home, please click on Jiji to access the website:

Jiji Penguin Image

Jiji will release an updated version for 2020-2021, Updated Directions will be posted when available.