Principal's Weekly Message

June 6, 2022

Principal's Message

Good Morning Sea Lion Families,


Last week was filled with such enthusiasm that it was hard to contain. Thank you to all the parents of ICC for creating such a memorable experience for our students. Teachers and students learned the history and culture of Mexico, China, South Africa, France, India, and Egypt. Our school was truly immersed in each international cultural experience.

There was also a lot of enthusiasm for field day! McGaugh’s field day was an opportunity for our sea lions to get out, play, compete, and otherwise exercise with so much fun! With so many activities to choose from, McGuagh’s field day allowed all students of different grades, interests, and ability levels to team together. Thank you, Mr. Steve Miller and PTA, for making it happen! 

From the first day of school until the last, we have kept up an exceptional spirit on our campus, and it has been my joy and honor to walk through each moment with you.  As we enter the last week, let’s encourage our students to be mindful of maintaining our RAH behaviors as we’re all looking forward to the end of the year activities and 5th-grade promotion.  

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That's all for now!

Dr. Issaic Gates
J.H. McGaugh Elementary School
Rah, McGaugh!